Athletes of the Month: April


Every month the athletic department will recognize 1 boy and 1 girl from both the High School and 1 Athlete per sport, per month at the Middle School campus for outstanding athletic achievement and character qualities. These candidates are nominated by their coaches.


Grace Beall

Grace’s athleticism and intelligence serves her very well on the softball field. She listens with focus and applies what she is taught. Grace is soft spoken, humble, and an absolute joy to coach! We look forward to her growth and her contribution to the Linfield softball program in the future.

Nathan Mariano

Nathan has played very hard this year and as the Lions’ goalie, he has done a tremendous job of keeping the defense operating. He made many saves that led the Lions to a victory over Murrieta Valley. Nathan is godly young man who is not only kind, but also a leader within the team, helping his teammates get better each and every day.


Lizzy Haddadin

Lizzy is an amazing girl both on and off the field.She is always encouraging her teammates to work hard and if they don’t know how to do something, she will tell them it is okay and help them understand. Lizzy fulfills her role as a leader excellently. Her love for the sport, her teammates, and the Lord is shown every time she steps on the field.

Faith Daludado

Faith has been an crucial member of the girls soccer program over the past few years and has come in to her last season ready to work. She is an example to her teammates both on and off the field through her work ethic, her consistency, her willingness to serve and her loving and encouraging spirit. Faith has been playing goalkeeper primarily for the Lions this season and has an incredible 16 saves in just four games. She is always putting in extra work off the field and it is really paying off in how she is playing this season. Faith is a joy to coach and it is such a blessing to have her on our team!

Chase Gousheh

Chase has put forth a work ethic that has been contagious for the Lions JV Soccer team in an amazing way this season. He is always engaged in what’s happening and puts forth his best efforts at every opportunity. Chase is continuously positive with his teammates, a leader amongst those around him, and always helpful.

Logan Pledger

Logan has displayed an incredible amount of character and integrity with both his teammates and as well as every team we have faced thus far. He is always grateful to Christ for the things that are most important and truly embraces his role as a leader on the team. He is a great example for all of his teammates to follow and an honor to coach this season!