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Athletic Department Awards 2020-2021

Every year, the athletic department presents two awards. The first is the CIF Scholar Athlete Award.


The CIF Scholar Athlete, as defined by CIF, is awarded to two seniors whose academic and athletic careers have been truly exemplary. The recipients must have no less than a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, have demonstrated athletic ability in at least two years of varsity sports in California, and most of all portrayed themselves as athletes of character, displaying trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
At Linfield, we have many outstanding scholar athletes that match this description. This year, our two winners have risen to the top in their sports, have challenged themselves academically, and have been actively involved in the Linfield community, all while maintaining above average GPAs.
Sienna has competed in varsity Cross Country and Track & Field for four years, and varsity Swim for two years, all while maintaining a 4.36 cumulative GPA. She was team captain and scholar athlete in all three sports.
    • Ambassador League Champion (10, 11, 12)
    • 1st Team All-League (9, 10, 11)
    • CIF Finalist (11)
    • Team Runner of the Year (9)
    • 1st Team All-League in the 800 and 4×400 (10)
    • School Record Holder in the 4×800
    • Distance Coach’s Award Recipient (10)
    • Qualified for CIF Prelims (12)
  • SWIM
    • 1st Team All-League (10)
    • CSF, NHS, & NEHS all eligible years of high school
    • Served as the NHS treasurer
    • On the Presidential Honor Roll all 4 years
    • Junior Honor Guard
    • Silver L Pin Recipient as a sophomore and junior
    • French Student of the Year as a freshman and junior

Coach James Adams had this to say about Sienna:I’ve had the pleasure of coaching Sienna in Cross Country and Track for the past four years. One thing that always sticks out to me is that she never used any excuses regarding a heavy academic and athletic load. She just put her head down, got the work done and it shows with her grades and running accomplishments. She has a bright future ahead of her!”


Caleb has competed in varsity soccer and lacrosse all four years of high school, while maintaining a 4.08 cumulative GPA.

    • Team MVP (11)
    • CIF Semifinalist (10)
    • Team Captain
    • 1st Team All-League (12)
    • As a senior he scored 21 goals and had 13 assists
    • As a junior he scored 18 goals and had 8 assists
    • Head Lacrosse Coach Dave Renno describes Caleb as a “coach on the field” kind of player, with great leadership skills in addition to his ability cut, get open, and make great passes.
    • CSF, NHS, & NEHS
    • High Honor Roll (9, 10)
    • Principal’s List (11, 12)
    • And a Silver L Pin Recipient (11)

Head Soccer Coach Mike Martinez had this to say about Caleb:Caleb’s dedication to Linfield and the soccer program is worthy of so much recognition for the way he is able to be a positive light to all of those who are blessed to be his teammates. He always focuses on the good and never adds negativity to already stressful situations while competing. Caleb constantly finds ways to play through any adversity and is the first one to offer guidance and encouragement to his friends on the field.”



The second award is the Sportswoman and Sportsman of the year.


The sportswoman and sportsman of the year award is given to one male athlete and one female athlete who has made a significant impact on Linfield Christian athletics this year. In choosing these athletes, thought is given to their individual stats and their team’s performances in league play and in CIF playoffs. Both the range of their participation based on the number of varsity sports they have played as well as the depth of their participation as evidenced by the impact they had on and off the field is considered. Our two recipients this year have left their mark in the Linfield record books for their individual and team accomplishments.


Ryley is a junior, and has competed in Cross Country, Soccer, and Track & Field all three years of high school

    • As a freshman, sophomore, and junior, Ryley has earned:
      • 1st Team All-League honors each year
      • Ambassador League Runner of the Year honors each year
      • And led the Lions to three consecutive Ambassador League Championships
    • As a sophomore, Ryley finished 5th earning both All-CIF and All-State honors and set a new 5k school record. She is the first female in recorded school history to receive All-State honors.
    • Holds the school record in the 3-mile with a time of 17:38
    • Scored 43 goals and tallied 29 assists
    • All-League (9, 10, 11)
    • CIF Champion and CIF Player of the Year (10)
    • CIF Runner-Up (11)
    • CIF State Regional Champion (11)
    • Head Soccer Coach Angela Hernandez had this to say about Ryley, “Since she stepped on the field her freshman year, Ryley Burns has been an integral part of the success of our girls soccer program. Endurance is an attribute that every soccer player needs to excel and her cross-country training allows her to do just that.  She is composed beyond belief, she does not retaliate. Even when being fouled she just continues to play and plays well.  She does not let the external factors of the game affect how she plays and that is something that cannot be taught. As a coach I am honored to have the opportunity to coach her and watch her lead her teammates through her work ethic, composure and humility.”
    • As a freshman she was…
      • Ambassador League Champion in the 3200
      • Ambassador League Multi-Event Athlete of the year
      • #2 on the Linfield All-Time List in the 3200
      • #3 on the Linfield All-Time List in both the 800 and 1600
      • And a CIF Top 10 Finisher in the 3200
    • As a junior…
      • She was Ambassador League Champion in the 3200 and qualified for CIF Prelims this weekend
    • In summary, Ryley has only lost 1 event in her three-year track career so far.

Head Cross Country Coach James Adams had this to say about Ryley: “Watching Ryley on the cross country course, track and soccer field is so fun. She does each one with composure, confidence and always has great racing instincts. Her determination to be good at it all shines through with her accomplishments!”


Normally, we have one young man that stands out as Sportsman of the Year, but this year we honor two recipients whose athletic careers at Linfield are so closely aligned we could not choose one over the other.

In the 2021 season so far, only

  • 8 points separates Donovan Cox & Jeremiah Minegar in total season points
  • There is a .3 separation in average points per game
  • And difference of 6 total three pointers

In their two-year careers, Donovan and Jeremiah have both earned

  • 1st Team All-League Honors
  • 1st Team All-CIF honors
  • Served as team captains
  • Combined for over 1,500 points
  • And now hold 6 of the 12 school basketball records

Individually, Donovan earned 1st Team All-State Honors, holds school records in season free-throw percentage (81%), season assists (111), most 3 pointers in a game (7), and most assists in a game (13). He’s already broke two of those school records again this year

Jeremiah earned Riverside County Boys Athlete of the Week honors and holds school records in average points per game (20.6) and most points in a game (42).

Coach Waheed Mitchell had this to say about Donovan and Jeremiah, “I think dynamic duo is an understatement. Your impact on the Linfield Christian Boys Basketball program is unparalleled. You are both unique leaders on and off the floor and have grown tremendously as athletes and young men. It has been an honor to coach you these past two years and I am so excited to see what God has in store for you both. Love you gentlemen.”

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