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Spring Signing Day 2019 Recap

Linfield Christian had five student-athletes sign their NLIs in front of students, faculty, and parents at their annual Spring Signing Day event on Wednesday, April 10th.

“In this group, I see faces of Linfield student athletes who represent the following three values,” said Linfield Interim Athletic Director Mike Fages as he addressed the students prior to the signing. “The first value is character: through mission trips, leaders on their teams and campus, and the pursuit of Christ in their individual lives.” Fages would go on to mention the student-athletes involvement in the community through service projects and team bonding, as well as their victories, not only through league and CIF championships, but in overcoming challenges and hardships. “Ibn order that…They may be victorious in their athletic and life pursuits,” said Fages, referencing the Linfield Athletics mission statement.

Fages would go on to speak about each athlete individually:


  • Pomona Pitzer College (NCAA Division III)
  • 1-year varsity player for Linfield
  • Senior Season
    • Rushed for 2,051 yards for a total of 28 touchdowns
    • 45 tackles on the season, 34 solo
  • Ambassador League – 1st Team Offense / 2nd Team Defense
  • Named to the All CIF Offensive Team this year
  • Coach Coleman had this to say about Kenric, “I have had the pleasure of knowing, coaching and watching Kenric grow for the last 18 years. He is honorable, loyal, and confident. His love and respect for other people consistently shows in his friendships. He has always excelled athletically and academically, and I expect that will continue at his next stop. K-Jam is the perfect blend for the Sagehens of Pomona Pitzer.”

DEVYN COPE – Basketball

  • Whitworth University (NCAA Division III)
  • 4-year varsity starter for the Lions
  • Ambassador 1st Team All-League (10, 12)
  • Named to the All-CIF Team this year
  • Played in 79 games as a Lion, and finishes her high school career with:
    • 468 points
    • 508 rebounds
    • 65 blocks
  • Teammate Sydney Moran had this to say about Devyn: “Devyn, you’ve been my friend since the day we met. We have grown so much together both as basketball players and in Christ. We’ve played several seasons together, fought through injuries and other obstacles, all to go undefeated this year in league, win the league championship, a CIF championship, and make it to the second round of state. It was all a part of this journey. Our goal since we were little teeny freshmen was to play college basketball and here, we are. I knew we could do it and I couldn’t be prouder than to be sitting here next to you today, signing to play basketball at the schools of our dreams like we talked about. Dev, seeing your effort throughout high school and travel ball, you give your all in every drill, sprint, practice, and game. You’ve earned this Dev, and I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish at Whitworth. I’m a little jealous that I have to share my teammate with another team, but I know you are going to do such big things there! I’m going to miss having my tree there to put back my misses. I’m so proud of you Dev, and so excited for you! I love you Devvy!”

SYDNEY MORAN – Basketball

  • Westmont College (NAIA)
  • 4-year varsity starter
  • Ambassador 1st Team All-League (9, 10, 11, 12)
  • Named to the All-CIF Team as a sophomore, and CIF Player of the Year as a senior
  • Recipient of the 2019 John Wooden Award, which she receive this Friday, just before the ESPYs!
  • Played in 89 games as a Lion, and finishes her high school career with:
    • 1486 points (16.7 points per game average)
    • 72% FT percentage
    • 255 rebounds
    • 144 assists
  • Linfield record holder in 6 different categories!
  • Teammate Devyn Cope had this to say to Sydney: “Syd, I’m so glad that we have become best friends and basically sisters over the past four years. We’ve made so many memories just in basketball, but my favorite would have to be when you got mad during practice, chucked the ball at the ground, and it hit your foot, and then bounced up and hit my face. Thank you for always being there for me giving the best advice. We have accomplished so much together in high school and I’m going to miss you so much in college! I’m sad that we will never play together on the same team again, but I know we are both going to do amazing things at our new schools. I love you! – Your tree, Dev.”


  • Colorado Christian University (NCAA Division II)
  • 4-year varsity player
  • Ambassador 1st Team All-League (9, 11)
  • Ambassador 2nd Team All-League (10)
  • Senior Season stats so far…
    • Batting Average – .400
    • OBP – .500
    • 15 put outs
  • Teammate Ariel Artiga had this to say about Payton: “Paytonious-balonious, Pmoney, Pistol Sister hen, and my sister in Christ… We have had our ups and downs with this sport to say the least, but I am so proud of what you are accomplishing, I am so glad you stuck with this game, even when it seemed like there was no victory. Being able to watch you grow from plowing head first for a diving centerfield catch, with grass stains on your forehead, to catching crazy plays in full gear has been unreal. Save me some front row tickets next spring. Go Cougs!” – Love, Oreo and always remember Psalm 46:5 “God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.”

GRANT MYATT – Lacrosse

  • Biola University (NCAA Division II)
  • 4-year varsity player for the Lions
  • There are not too many stats for Grant’s position in lacrosse…
  • Coach Dave Renno had this to say about Grant: “Grant has played Lacrosse at Linfield for four years and has a great commitment to the game and to his teammates. He is a team captain this year and his leadership and love for the Lord is evident in him both on and off the field. It has been a blessing to coach him this year and I’m so very excited about the opportunity he has to play at Biola.”


Just before the countdown began, family and friends gather around the athletes to place hands on them as US Government teacher Tara Carroll was prayed for them in this new chapter of their lives. The countdown began and the athletes signed their NLIs!

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