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Athletes of the Month: February

Every month the athletic department will recognize 1 boy and 1 girl from both the High School and 1 Athlete per sport, per month at the Middle School campus for outstanding athletic achievement. These candidates are nominated by coaches and voted on by the athletics staff.



Deidre Gorian

Deidre Gorian has been an incredible addition to the girls soccer team and is a joy to coach! Stepping into a starting position as a freshman is not always an easy task, however Deidre has done so with confidence, humility, and with great success. She has tallied 4 goals for the Lions this season as our starting outside midfielder and has since moved to left defender. She is an athlete and a true competitor, always ready to do whatever is asked of her and willing to sacrifice herself for her teammates.


Nate Franks

After losing nine seniors last year, there was a void in leadership that needed to be filled on the soccer team. Nate Franks embraced this leadership role and filled it very well in all aspects. On the field, Nate models what it looks like to compete with intensity and excellence. He has earned the respect of our league opponents as well as his teammates and coaches. Off the field, he is a Christ-like role model, leading through serving his teammates. Nate is someone the team knows they can rely on, and he is always willing to simply lend an ear or provide guidance to those around him. He is a remarkable young man.


Jewel Brathwaite

Jewel was undefeated in her matches this season in helping lead the Blue Team to a 3-0 record. She tries hard in practice and has a great future on and off of the tennis court.

Caleb Klimpt

"Caleb has had an excellent tennis season this year. He worked extremely hard and improved tremendously! He was a great example to his teammates and I look forward to seeing him continue to progress." - Coach Ivey