The Linfield boys soccer program teaches the fundamentals of soccer at all levels and aims to be competitive each season. Coaches also look for opportunities to teach leadership skills, build team chemistry, and promote spiritual growth.

High School Varsity

The varsity team has consistently finished as one of the top teams in the Ambassador League. Coaches focus not only on individual skill development and team tactics, but also on training these athlete fight for each other, fight for their school, and fight for the Lord.

Middle School Varsity

The middle school varsity team is a competitive 7 on 7 team, consisting of 8th, 7th, and or 6th graders. The Lions compete in the IVIAA league and have consistently finished in second the past two seasons.

Middle School Junior Varsity

The middle school junior varsity teams are a great place for 6th and 7th graders to improve their soccer skills while learning the fundamentals and strategies of the game in order to prepare them for high school level.

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